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Never get a parking ticket again! See how you can help others.

It's easy type in your address and parking info into the easy to use map form then record and stop audio then Wait! You need to wait a minute or 2 for audio to upload into our database ...then save and close.. Then anyone can get the parking info.
Just click "Get park info" on the menu bar to try it out.
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Nobody wants a parking ticket, or worse – finding out their car has been towed. The noparkticket app will ensure that never happens to you again, or anyone else. Why give your hard earned money to parking cops? No more! The app and database has been created and the domain purchased. The app lets you know the parking limits and street sweeping times in real time on your mobile phone or tablet. Money will be used to market the app worldwide and to hire staff to maintain the database and improve the user experience.

Upload your parking situation

Help us populate our database with your parking limits and street sweeping times so no one will get a parking ticket again.


Type in the location where you want to park

When you type in your location of where you want to park. The address will be queried through our database to let you know if you may get a parking ticket.

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